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Love Hina Double Trouble is a crossover story made by Kamen Rider Chrome and Ten-Faced Paladin that combines the worlds of Kamen Rider Double and Love Hina. Joined by his adoptive brother, Philip, recent Tokyo University graduate Keitaro Urashima is called in by their grandmother to look after the Hinata-Sou. Some of the craziness from the anime is still there, but the Dopants are still a problem, attacking people whenever they can. The half-and-half detectives must soon work with their female tenants to solve the mystery behind the crimes in their city, and find the organization responsible.This story is one of the most popular works done by Kamen Rider Chrome. The original Dopants are interesting and imaginative. Characters from Love Hina and Kamen Rider Double, as well as other anime-veres that are featured, interact well with each other as well as their reactions come out naturally. This story also deconstructs the popular issue of Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female on Male, where two well known Tsunderes, Naru and Motoko, find out that their attacks against men do indeed come with consequences, regardless of whether or not their target was being perverted. As Ten-Faced Paladin put it, it was vexing for him to see Keitaro always getting beaten up for accidents and no one getting dealt consequences for it when they were proven wrong

Here a link to the story: Love Hina Double Trouble

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